Stutz Studio
Stutz Studio

Musings. Reflections. Reimaginings. Unconventional simple-form wall art from UK coffeehouse artist Stutz.

"This guy ... puts the art in apartment."

- C.A.S.H. -
 About Stutz

About Stutz

A third-culture kid, Stutz spent his early years in British boarding schools before moving to Asia, living as a bouncer, mechanic and racing driver. Then came BBC Top Gear and an MA, before returning to motorsport in Singapore and across Europe. In 2016 he created Stutz Studio as a home for his creative soul - to include wall art, physical pieces and photographic work.

Today, Stutz Studio offers a unique art retail experience with branded pop-up stores in major cities worldwide via partner collaborations. All art for sale is produced in-house by Stutz from his original studio. (He still plays with cars.)


"A simple-form Master."

- Madacast -
  About His Wall Art

 Coffeehouse Art

Since 2015, Stutz has been surfing the rise of coffeehouse art - a simple, unruly art style that is exists in an informal world of relaxed public spaces and private settings. It can be thoughtful, meaningful work, but it doesn’t require endless study, Champagne and canapés or a fog of words and pontification.

"There is a lot of smoke and mirrors - and bullshit - in the art scene. This is not that, it’s just creative concept. Sometimes it’s thoughtful, sometimes it’s just stupid and colourful and fun. It’s what you make of it - nothing more, nothing less.

Solid colours, hard lines, free space and profile or silhouette forms keep my ideas and work as uncomplicated as possible… the kind of honest thing a kid might draw, but with more weight and depth. No fuss, no fill, just ideas taking form in sharp, simple images that pin my thoughts to the paper. I don’t try to make pretty or popular things, or please people, but I do appreciate the thoughts of others… art is in the eye of the beholder and is often a far more interesting conversation."


"Always tidies his room."

- His Mom -
 How to Buy

How to Buy

Stutz wall art is only available through our website or Stutz pop-up showrooms in major cities worldwide, and is sold directly to our customers. See something you want? Just message us with the name or number of the piece (shown individually in the Collections below) and we'll go from there. Payment can be made by PayPal or direct bank transfer. All prices in Euros. All artworks are produced in-house using premium materials and equipment, rolled and tube-packed, and shipped worldwide via reputable international couriers. Postal charges apply.


Stutz Collections

 About H-NFTs

An NFT worth buying. Our unique hybrid NFTs include the original signed print, original art file and the NFT version - plus full commercial rights to the artwork. All prices in USD.

 About Limiteds

Limited edition versions of some of Stutz most popular work, hand signed by the artist and just 99 of each. All work available in print and artboard in various sizes, shipped worldwide.

 About Unlimiteds

Unlimited production pieces of Stutz public works, available in print and artboard in various sizes. Only available in store


Stutz Merchandise

Studio CLothing
Candywerks Clothing

Super-soft Stutz Icon hoodies, art tees and other original merchandise available in Stutz stores and at Partner locations. Plus unique Stutz art card collections, hand signed by the artist and shipped worldwide.

Stutz Art Boards


A full square metre of Stutz art. Printed on matt vinyl and mounted on 10mm PVC-lined foam board with inset square-section frame to rear.  Optional lighting kits available. Sizes: 841mm x 1189mm or 594mm x 841mm. Ready to hang. Only available in store
Price: From €75 each 

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We deal directly with our customers around the world, selling Stutz original art in our pop-up stores and online via individual email request, and Stutz art cards and custom clothing . We accept payment by PayPal and credit or debit cards, and ship worldwide from our UK studio using reputable international couriers.

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For media and business enquiries: [email protected]

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